David Choi – By My Side

ini lagu sama music video nya match banget. so sweeeeeeetttt ❤

cocoknya dinyanyiin waktu apa ya kira-kira? lamar anak orang? atau pas nikah aja? kapanpun kayaknya sih cocok deh. pokoknya ini lagu romantisnya ngga nahaaan >.< hahaha


paling suka sama petikan gitar dari intro di awal lagu sampai akhir. dan paling suka juga sama bagian lirik yang ini:


I’m just listening to the clock go ticking
I am waiting as the time goes by
I think of you with every breath I take
I need to feel your heartbeat next to mine
You’re all I see in everything

I just wanna hold you
I just wanna kiss you
I just wanna love you all my life
I normally wouldn’t say this but I just can’t contain it
I want you here forever right here by my side

All the fears you feel inside
And all the tears you’ve cried
They’re ending right here
I’ll heal your hardened soul
I’ll keep you oh so close
Don’t worry, I’ll never let you go
You’re all I need
You’re everything

No one else would ever do
I’ve got a stubborn heart for you
Call me crazy but it’s true
I love you
I didn’t think that it would be you who made it clear to me
You’re all I need

eh itu mah namanya suka sama semua bagiannya yaa.. hehe yah pokoknya begitulah. ini lagu favorit saya banget. such a trigger that made me love another David Choi’s love songs 😉



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